CALL FOR PAPERS for a thematic issue of Facta Universitatis: THE PSYCHOSOCIAL ASPECTS OF INFERTILITY

We hereby invite all interested colleagues to submit scientific papers, review articles, discussion papers, and thematic essays for the thematic issue of the scientific journal Facta Universitatis: Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and History, Vol. 20, No 1, 2021.

This Call for Papers is aimed at bringing together a selected number of scholars and associates from the academic community who wish to participate in the project titled “THE PSYCHOSOCIAL ASPECTS OF INFERTILITY”.

The issue of infertility is multidisciplinary. Infertility represents, for both partners involved, a  complex situational crisis which triggers a range of physical, psychological, social, emotional, and financial effects. Even though this is not a life-threatening problem, infertility is an issue of exceptional importance, not only in the context of the wellbeing of an individual, but also from the aspect of the development and survival of contemporary societies, in which the fertility rate is ever lower, and that of infertility is ever higher.

Hoping that the contemporary relevance of this topic will contribute to the authors’ increased interest in publishing their research results, the Editorial Board has chosen to publish this thematic issue. The following list of topics may serve as an illustration; however, it is non-exhaustive as other relevant topics shall also be considered: the personal and social meaning of infertility; the demands of modern society and fertility; social values and fertility/sterility; coping with infertility and counseling in infertility; motivation for parenthood and infertility; including reproductive others in the reproductive process; redefining relatedness in assisted reproduction.

You are kindly invited to submit the final versions of your research paper (in electronic format) by September 30, 2020.

The research papers should be submitted in English, and it should not exceed 16 pages (A4 format, max. 40.000 characters with spaces, line spacing 1.5, font Times New Roman, font size 12).

The submitted papers will be subject to a double-blind peer review. In order to ensure the authenticity, relevance and legibility, the submitted papers are also subject to the process of proof-reading and copy-editing by the editors and editorial staff.

For technical details and editorial requirements on preparing the paper for publication, please refer to Author Guidelines, available at: 

Editor of the thematic issue: Dr Jelena Opsenica Kosić, Department od Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš, Serbia.

Niš, February 14, 2020