Call for Papers - Social Work and Community Development

We now extend an invitation to all interested researchers and professionals to submit papers for the special edition of the journal Facta Universitatis: Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, and History.


We want to bring together academics and professionals who work on social work and social policy on a national and international level in this theme issue.

One of the goals of community development is the empowerment and integration of its members. One of the tasks of social work is to develop a knowledge base and skills in how to integrate and empower community members. As the needs of different communities can be complex, so can the roles of social work in the community, which can be multiple and organized within different sectors (public institutions, civil sector). Also, the complexity of the needs mentioned often (or almost always) requires a multidisciplinary approach in meeting them. In such a context, social work can assume the role of coordinator, advisor, representative, and advocate. Empowerment, support, and constant participation of community members in all changes affecting the community can create a community that will constantly develop and allow members to constantly improve their environment and build resources that facilitate their satisfaction of various needs. Real and lasting changes in people's lives are possible only if the environment in which communities operate is changed in a planned way.

Communities are not isolated from global trends; what's more, today more than ever, they are sensitive to all the changes happening "around them." Their capacity for development is largely determined by the context of current events, such as:

  • Demographic changes
  • Population migration
  • Change in the environment
  • Economic changes (primarily unpredictable changes in the labor market)
  • Scientific and technological changes
  • There are more and more risks of social exclusion.
  • Political changes

Our idea is that these, as well as other relevant topics related to the contemporary challenges faced by community development and social work's response to those challenges, should be part of the thematic issue of the jurnal. If you want your paper to be part of this thematic issue, we invite you to send it by 15th of September.

For technical details and editorial requirements on preparing the paper for publication, please refer to Author Guidelines, available at

The editors of the thematic issue are Bojana Pucarević and Ljiljana Skrobić, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš, Serbia.