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At the very beginning of Fichte's philosophy, in his early writings, the key ideas of his overall philosophical development are clearly visible - a focus on practical philosophical questions and an obvious intention to unequivocally address his philosophy. At this stage, Fichte predominantly deals with the critique of pre-revolutionary society, exhausted by a crisis at all levels, and the benefits that the revolution can bring to it. The basic theme of this phase of his development is the same as in the later stages - the personal and political liberation of man in the community. Regardless of the internal evolution of his philosophical development, and the numerous transformations that will take place later, Fichte's obvious aspiration not to build his philosophy exclusively in the theoretical and academic spheres, but to seek its meaning in influencing society, will lead to its clear and precise addressing remaining until the end a key topic of his understanding of philosophy.


Philosophizing, addressing, speech, community, revolution

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUPSPH2103193D


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