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In the first part of the paper, we compendiously paid attention to the essential difference between men and women, and then we made a short theoretical framework on the theories and processes of secularization. With the help of certain empirical indicators, we comparatively paid attention to the assessment of religiosity on the basis of gender during real socialism and in the first decade of the 21st century. We noted the growth and neutralization of religiosity on the basis of gender structure. The second part of the article presents an analysis of research from 2010 based on gender differences and on example of the young in Montenegro. On the basis of a descriptive analysis, the research confirmed that the difference between men and women in religiosity has disappeared. Moreover, the members of the male population were more religious than women in some indicators.


gender, religiosity, sex, religion, secularization, men, women, the young, the revitalization of religion.

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