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In the Djerdap gorge, squeezed between the rocky mountains and the Danube, powerful and mysterious, life takes place in small villages where everyone knows every-one, and when boys and girls come of age and become men and women they follow the customs of their ancestors. They look up to the elderly, listen to their recommendations if they did not escape the fate of patriarchal social integration; or they feel free to act in a manner which they themselves choose, if the urge to fight for freedom of choice, when it comes to "matters of the heart", is strong enough to outgrow the fear of reproach and punishment of the elderly.

Here, at the crossroads of worlds which are divided by a large river , Serbian, Romanian, and Vlach traditions meet, which are sufficiently similar so that many of their elements , especially when it comes to customs, intertwine and are reshaped a little and accepted unchanged as their own, making life on different banks similar . It is especially the case with the so-called male-female relationships and the expression of sexuality.

Findings about, for an individual and the community to which he or she belongs to, important issues of expressing affection between girls and boys in and around Tekija and manifestation of sexuality will presented in this thesis. A conversation with DjordjeTasic from Tekija shed light on some characteristics of male-female relationships typical of the Kladovo region and east borderlands of Serbia.


the young, customs, courtship, sexuality, east borderlands.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUPSPH1603127T


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