Milica Ristić, Vladimir Hedrih, Snežana Stojiljković

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The main goal of this research was to investigate some of the psychometric properties of the Narcissistic Personality Inventory – reliability, applicability of a seven-factor structure and its construct validity for a sample of the Serbian population. For this purpose, a 40-item Narcissistic Personality Inventory – NPI and Rosenberg’s Global Self-esteem scale were distributed via internet to 150 participants of both sexes, aged 19 – 56. Investigation of internal consistency of NPI was satisfactory – Cronbach alpha coefficient was 0.87. Also, the seven-factor structure of NPI found with the American sample did not correspond well to the factor structure found in the present study. The total scale score correlated with self-esteem, thereby supporting the validity of the scale.


Narcissistic Personality Inventory, reliability, seven-factor structure, construct validity.

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