Biljana M. Radovanović, Goran Ž. Ružić

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This paper starts from the thesis that dominant conceptions of human nature correspond to the basic frame of ideas that is characteristic for the period in which it appears. This work differentiates three teachings on human nature. The first viewpoint emphasizes the immutability and determination of human nature. This conception is supported by social inequalities within a society. It appears in societies with irreconcilable social differences. The conception of a teleologically directed human life emphasized a route through which humans accomplish their nature or gain salvation. This conception is widely accepted from the Christian perspective. The third conception describes the paths of free design, construction and change of human identity. This conception appears in the modern age, dominated by the idea of creating the new. The development of such ideas is the result of technological domination and the establishment of virtual reality spaces. We dealt with certain interpretations of human nature in order to show that our understanding of ourselves is always contextually determined.


determination, purpose, construction, human nature, Christianity, identity.

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