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The number of young women treated for cancer who want to give birth is increasing, due to postponing pregnancy for older age. On the other hand, the disease is more often diagnosed in the early stage, when conservative treatment is much more successful, even in gynecological cancer. Most young women diagnosed with cancer can expect to live for decades after treatment, which makes many life issues, such as future fertility, increasingly important.  This has led to the separation of Oncofertility as a new field in oncology, which includes all procedures for the treatment of malignant disease with the aim of preserving fertility, but without compromising the oncological outcome. And while the problem of fertility may not be a priority at the time of diagnosis, over time it becomes more important. Infertility resulting from cancer treatment has a major impact on quality of life. The turmoil experienced by women who are simultaneously faced with cancer and possible loss of fertility leave emotional consequences, especially if the localization of the disease directly affects the reproductive organs. Coping not just with medical issues, but with two psychological traumas at the same time increases susceptibility to distress. Helping to preserve the quality of life and the psychological aspect of caring for patients with malignant diseases who want to preserve the possibility of childbirth should become an indispensable part of treatment. Recognizing and managing negative emotions in cancer patients is a priority that aims to improve their quality of life.


cancer, fertility, oncofertility, psychological distress

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