Miloš Vuletić

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I argue that Henry Lee is the earliest known proponent of moderate anti-liberalism in epistemology. I reconstruct Lee’s argument for the conclusion that Locke’s epistemological views lead to skepticism. Then I show that Lee proposes a type of hinge epistemology as a way of dealing with the skeptical challenge. He argues that we must assume the truth of epistemic hinge propositions, such as the proposition that our cognitive faculties are veridical. Such propositions do not require proof or justification and are not provable because, in Lee’s view, they are presupposed by all rational inquiry. Finally, I show how Lee’s brand of moderate anti-liberalism can deal with one notable recent objection to contemporary relatives of his view.


Henry Lee, hinge epistemology, skepticism, anti-liberalism

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUPSPH2103183V


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