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Nenad Ljubiša Milojević, Ivan Dimitar Mančev

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The prior form of four-body boundary-corrected first Born (CB1-4B) method is applied to calculate the total cross sections for single electron capture from the K-shell of multi-electron atoms (C, N, O, Ar) by fast projectiles (H+, He2+and Li3+). All calculations are carried out for electron capture into the arbitrary n, l, and m final states of the projectiles. The present results are found to be in very good agreement with the available experimental data at intermediate and high impact energies.



  • The CB1-4B approximation is applied to calculate the total cross sections for single electron capture from multi-electron targets by bare projectiles
  • Two variants of the CB1-4B method are used with different variational parameters
  • The calculated cross sections show very good agreement with the measurements at intermediate and high energies


ion-atom collisions, electron capture

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