Facta Universitatis, Series: Physical Education and Sport

The Facta Universitatis, Series: Physical Education and Sport (FU Phys Ed Sport) is an open access peer-reviewed international journal published by the University of Niš (Republic of Serbia). The aim of FU Phys Ed Sport is to publish peer reviewed research and review articles fast without delay in the field of sport physical education and related topics. Papers for publication are selected through peer reviewing to ensure originality, relevance, and readability.

Editor-in-Chief: Zoran Milanović


In order to create/register an account for submitting a paper, first time authors are to contact the Computer Support at mile@ni.ac.rs stating your first name, last name, affiliation with the link, and your email. We will then send you back an email with your login parameters. Once you receive your parameters from us you will then be able to log in and begin article submission.

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The ONLINE FIRST section of FU Phys Ed Sport lists the papers accepted for publication and copy edited but not yet assigned to an issue.

Reviewers - We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the reviewers who reviewed papers for Facta Universitatis Series Physical Education and Sport in 2020.


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Vol. 20, No 3, 2022

Table of Contents


Filip Nurkić, Ivana Đorđević, Sara Perković, Anja Lazić, Igor Nurkić
Slavica Đorđević, Snežana Knežević, Verica Jovanović
Ana Lilić, Emilija Petković, Mima Stanković, Miljan Hadžović
Lazar Tomić, Bojan Leontijević, Aleksandar Nedeljković, Marko Šmrkić, Aleksandar Janković
Alexander Wakely, J. Jay Dawes, Erika Hernandez, Robert George Lockie