Aleksandra Vujko, Miloš Dragosavac, Nina Kisin, Branka Maksimović

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The most important aims of this paper are to investigate the attitudes of respondents about Fruška Gora Mountain as a resource for the development of cycling tourism. Then, to present the impact of cycling on health and to show the economic effects of this development. In this study, in use was the research survey technique conducted in well-known cycling clubs in Novi Sad, as well as random sampling conducted among passers-by (the analysis was based on a sample of 276 respondents). The economic effects of the development of cycling tourism are presented through the tourist traffic in seven mountain huts. In processing the data obtained SPSS program (version 17.0) was in use. The Pearson Chi-Square Test was used to determine frequency deviation. In conclusion, Fruška Gora Mountain is a suitable area for the development of cycling tourism, thus confirming the initial hypothesis.


Tourism, Cycling, Health, Fruška Gora Mountain, Economic development

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