Snežana Lazarević, Sretenka Dugalić, Aleksandar Milojevic, Nenad Koropanovski, Violeta Stanić

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Abstract. This study analyses various forms of unethical behavior which are more and more present in sports. The focus of the research is to identify various forms of punishment, humiliation, mistreatment and abuse in sports clubs, and to approach this issue with determination with the aim to reduce or remove the consequences. The research was conducted in a variety of sports clubs in Serbia, who were chosen at random, and respondents (n=250) responded to a structured questionnaire specifically. The research showed that, depending on the age category, various types of unethical behavior took place, depending on the age categories: undue threats and punishing (55% men, 50% women, but with a statistically significant gender difference at the lower age categories), forced competing albeit presenting a health hazard (over 80% athletes), and sexual harassment (78% of the female respondents in the category of younger seniors). Abuse and mistreatment were present in the pioneer, cadet and junior categories, and they became more intense in the senior age. Considering that research results clearly show the existence of certain forms of abuse and mistreatment of athletes, this points to the need for the educational work of coaches to be in the focus in sports.


Key words: unethical behavior, mobbing, sports, age categories, gender.

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