Vesna Nemec, Predrag Nemec, Saša Veličković, Miloš Milošević

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The main aim of this paper is to present theoretical knowledge and to answer the question of organizing, programming, conducting and managing the training process in order to achieve the best possible education training effects and to generate planned changes in the domain of the provided knowledge, abilities and skills of sportspeople. The findings have theoretical implications for methodological steps, programming algorithm, models and methods implemented in the process of programming and managing education training programmes and give an insight into the calculating, analysis, control and managing education training effects and changes. In accordance with the aim of the paper the multidimensionality of programming and managing methodology are highlighted. The presented methodological approach in designing education and training can be applied to all sports, however, not in its entirety, due to the specific methodological steps of some sports.


Algorithm, Programming Methodology, Training Effects, Training Changes

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