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The Aerosols were captured using SKC Air Check high volume gravimetric Sampler and respirable foam for I.O.M sampler. The trace elements in the glass fibre filter and the respirable foam: K, Ca, Ti, Ar, Fe, Cu, Zn, Sr, Zr, V and Ni were analyzed by using X –Ray Fluorescence. The mean concentrations of the trace elements in glass fibre filter (PM10) are; K,0.0824 ppm, Ca,0.051ppm, Ti,0.308 ppm, Ar,0.0716ppm, Fe,0.00129 ppm, Cu,0.00018 ppm, Zn,0.037 ppm, Sr,0.014 ppm, Zr,0.0123 ppm, V,0.00489 ppm, Ni,0.00049 ppm. The mean concentrations of the heavy metal in the respirable foam (PM2.5) are; K,0 .0354 ppm, Ca,0.0096 ppm, Ti, 0.235 ppm, Ar, 0.067 ppm, Fe, 0.00175 ppm, Cu, 0.0000756 ppm, Zn, 0.0226 ppm, Sr, 0.0133 ppm, Zr,0.127 ppm, V 0.0052 ppm, Ni,0.00040 ppm. The mean concentrations of the heavy metal obtained in this analysis were below the available regulatory limits.

This article has been corrected. Link to the correction - DOI:  10.22190/FUWLEP1701099E


Aerosols, Trace elements, Benin City, Sawmill, X-Ray fluorescence

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