Miomir Raos, Ljiljana Živković, Nenad Živković, Milan Protić, Jasmina Radosavljević

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Abstract. The Laboratory for air quality control at the Faculty of Occupational Safety in Niš in cooperation with several companies designed and produced prototypes of industrial panel dust filters as well as prototypes of charcoal cartridge filters. In order to obtain comprehensive and valid research results the authors carried out a number of field tests as well as numerical simulations and analyses of operating parameters and characteristics of several air purifier prototypes on original experimental setup. The aim of this paper is to present simulation results of static (stress and strain, including thermal effect) analyses of industrial air filter prototype. Simulation and visualization of results was done by means of SW SimulationXpress and SW simulation design study modules from Solid Works software package.

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M. Raos, Lj. Živković, N. Živković, B. Todorović, Modelling of air pollution control devices using neural networks, Facta Universitatis, Series: Working and Living Environmental Protection, VOL. 2, No 5, Niš, 2005, 485-492..

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Raos M., Živković, Lj.; Todorović, B, Živković, N.; Đorđević, A., Radosavljević, J., Modelling of parameters of the air purifzing process with a filter-adsorber type purifier by use of neural network, Scientific Journal Strojarstvo, Vol. 53, No. 3, 2011, pp 165-170, ISSN 0562-1887.


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