Dejan Milić, Aneta Predrag Prijić, Ljubomir Vračar, Zoran Prijić

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This paper considers the effects of the ambient temperature and unducted air flow on the voltage generated by a thermoelectric generator used to power wireless sensor network node. Structure of the node is simulated using a fully coupled numerical electro--thermal model with convective correlations. Results show that the effect of the ambient temperature is negligible as long as the temperature difference between the hot surface of the node and the ambient is maintained. For natural convection, voltage dependence on the temperature difference can be determined from the open circuit conditions and this can be used to approximate the load conditions. For forced convection, an increase rate of the generated voltage is governed by the thermal resistance of the heatsink and characteristic parameters of the thermoelectric generator.


Thermoelectric generator, Wireless Sensor Node, Energy harvesting

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