Lidija Milošević, Emina Mihajlović, Amelija Đorđević, Jasmina Radosavljević, Ljiljana Živković

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Abstract. This paper describes oxidation reactions of methane, as the prevalently emitted landfill gas, as well as reactions of oxidative pyrolysis with all the important factors influencing the final amount of methane emission: air temperature, landfill body temperature, pressure, humidity, and soil structure.

Based on theoretical background and measures of methane emissions at 24 measuring points at the “Meteris” landfill in the town of Vranje, we analyzed the data on methane exceeding the maximum allowable values in ambient air and the possibility of a fire due to methane’s flammability limit being reached. The paper also provides a description of the “Meteris” landfill general features.

Key words: waste, landfill, landfill gas, methane

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