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The nature of the free market imposed certain mechanisms in the form of mandatory requirements. Among these mechanisms, an important place is occupied by the so-called New Approach (New approach) to determine the essential technical requirements for products and the Global Approach (Global approach) to determine compliance. This paper attempts to answer the following questions: What happens to the product when it passes into the phase of exploitation? How long can a process owner count on the projected level of acceptable risk, as well as on the validity of the CE declaration of conformity?

The remaining risk is considered to be the risk that accompanies the product after compliance with the current directives of the New Approach and harmonized standards. The issue of residual risk requires an analytical approach to the dominant processes that demand specific engineering knowledge of risk management. The overall aim is to highlight the character of engineering, which corresponds to the concept of integrated safety needs of processes and contributes to preserving employee health.


compliance, residual risk, risk management

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