Natalija Tošić, Dejan Vasović, Bratimir Nešić, Nemanja Petrović

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The purpose of this paper is to elaborate a plan for the leachate treatment at the “Zeljkovac” sanitary landfill in Leskovac city. Different processes occur over time  at the landfill. The processes of infiltration and transpiration occur continuously, distributing the humidity and affecting the water balance within the body of the landfill. The landfill body acts as a giant sponge, in which water moves, and from which water can be released - both into groundwater and into the atmosphere in the form of water vapour or as a filtrate at the bottom of the landfill. In this paper, particular attention is given to the kind of waterwhich is actually filtrate from a landfill, often called leachate. The efficiency of the most commonly used methods will be presented, depending on the most prevalent pollutants  in leachate. As there are many methods for treating this kind of wastewater, the reverse osmosis method will be presented as one of the most widely used . The technological process of a reverse osmosis plant will be described, as well as the result that shows the output quality of the leachate after the treatment process. The major finding of this paper reflects a clear justification for using this method to achieve the desired efficiency of leachate treatment.


leachate, environment, environmental protection, reverse osmosis method

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUWLEP2003175T


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