Milan Djordjevic, Marko Mančić, Dejan Mitrović

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The global trend of growing energy demand, accompanied by the dependency on fossil fuels and their impacts, provokes continuous interests for analyzing equipment efficiency and revision of existing energy production sites. This paper focuses on thermodynamic analysys of a coal-fired power plant "Kolubara - block A5", with respect to the concept of energy losses, production of entropy and exergy destruction.Most significant energy losses occur in the condenser where they are lost to the environment, whereas greatest exergy destruction is found in the boiler. The results of energy and exergy performance of the plant are calculated for maximum load and 75% of the maximum load. Each of the system components is modeled as a "black box", and the energy and exergy balances are determined according to operation data. Thermal efficiency, based on the specific heat input to the steam, was calculated and found to be 32.1% and 33.1%, while the exergy efficiency of the power plant cycle was 30% and 33%, depending on the load.

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