Stressing Issue of a Piezoceramic Cantilever with Electrode Coatings and Transversal Polarization

Igor Dusan Jovanovic, Ljubisa Peric, Ugljesa Zoran Jovanovic, Dragan Dimitrije Mancic

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This paper presents a general case of stressing a rectangular piezoceramic cantilever with transversal polarization which is loaded at the free end by a concentrated force. Two mutually opposite surfaces of the rectangular cantilever are with electrode coatings on which an excitation electric voltage is applied to. By applying the reverse method for solving the problems of electroelasticity theory, componential displacements, electric potential, specific strains, electric fields and piezoelectric displacements are determined for the rectangular piezoceramic cantilever made from PZT4 piezoceramic material.

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