Aleksandra Ilić Petković, Vesna Nikolić, Dejan Vasović

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Employees in local self-government units perform tasks of immediate interest for the local population, and their workplace safety and health is an important factor for the effective implementation of all policies at the local level. Given that there is not much research on the safety and health of employees in local self-government units in Serbia and Montenegro, there is a need for the analysis of the protection provided by the applicable regulations in the countries of this part of Europe. The conducted research shows that the right to safe and healthy working conditions in local self-government units is governed by the regulations on workplace safety and health of those countries. It is desirable to improve the quality of legal protection which will contribute to the improvement of the workplace safety and health of these employees and will improve the quality of work in local self-governments.


occupational safety and health, local self-government, regulations

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUWLEP2003193I


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