Miomir Jovanovic, Goran Nikola Radoicic

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An important aspect of the support structures' design is their dynamic behavior under extreme conditions. Especially actual are the large-range structures. Therefore, the support structure of a mining machine for transportation of tailings (stacker) is observed dynamically. The dynamic behavior of the entire structure in an incidental situation – the failure of a support tie rod for the pylon-platform connection is observed. The aim of this research is to predict the consequences of breaking a structure element for the rest of the support structure. This paper shows the theoretical modeling of structures, numerical solution of differential equations, and vibrations after simulated incident. The paper presents special design – the way of structure testing from the aspect of high structural availability and ability of the structure to compensate overload caused by the incident. To check the model, a real stacker structure was used at the surface mine RBB (The copper mine – Bor, Serbia). The developed numerical model showed the internal stress states of the structure and the law of vibration after the incident. On the basis of more case study analyses, the overall reliability and ability of redundancy of the structure were evaluated.

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