Miomir Raos, Zoran Marjanović, Ljiljana Živković, Milan Protić, Nenad Živković, Jasmina Radosavljević, Milena Jovanović

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Abstract. Rapid development of motorization, increasingly strict environmental requirements, as well as the fact that fossil fuel reserves are limited, inevitably led to question what kind of fuel for motor vehicles, can meet increasingly strict environmental and safety requirements, in addition to well-known petrol and diesel, and thus allow acceptable further development of road traffic. In a broad sense, alternative fuels are the fuels that are able to replace existing traditional fuels for motor vehicles, such as engine petrol and diesel fuel. New types of fuels for internal combustion engines have been explored for many years. We are looking for fuel which can be found sufficient quantities, at an affordable price and which will have favorable environmental properties. Attention is paid to various alternatives, one of which is a mixture of propane-butane, publicly known as liquefied petroleum gas. The economic crisis, especially in countries in transition, and the need for environmental protection are the reasons that liquefied petroleum gas is increasingly used as a fuel in motor vehicles. This paper analyzes liquefied petroleum gas as an alternative fuel for motor vehicles. It also analyses basic engine indicators (power and environmental characteristics) when liquefied petroleum gas is used as a fuel, which confirms that this is environmentally cleaner fuel than petrol and diesel fuel.

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