Radovan Cvetković, Nikola Velimirović, Petar Knežević, Aleksandar Radaković, Milivoje Milanović, Nemanja Marković

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Timber-concrete composite (TCC) systems have application for new floors and for upgrading and enhancing of existing timber floors in residential and office buildings. In order to develop the optimal maintenance programs of structures, it is essential to predict the performance of structures over their life-cycle. The long-term behavior of timber-concrete composite floors is influenced by a combination of various factors, including material properties, load distribution, moisture effects, temperature effects and durability considerations. Timber and concrete material in the composite system, exhibit different behaviors over time due to their inherent characteristics. Deterioration prediction models are used to estimate the future degradation and condition of various types of structures. The aim of this paper is to present two probabilistic models, random variable deterioration rate model and stochastic gamma process model, that will capture uncertainty and variability associated with the deterioration of TCC floor under the service load and to estimate its service life.


timber-concrete composite, service life, deterioration prediction, stochastic process model

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