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An extensive collective habitation in Jagodina started in the middle of 1950s by planned construction of settlements ‘Pivara’ and ‘Kablovi’ by architect Dragiša Brašovan. Along with the further demographic and economic development of Jagodina, construction of numerous settlements of collective buildings on the periphery of the town was continued during the first fifteen years of the 21st century when the settlements were built, mostly contrary to the provisions of valid planning documents.

An urban development of Jagodina was regulated by general urban plans from 1956, 1976 and 2015.Planning documents were not being carried out completely, and a legalization of unplanned residential and other construction represented a reason for changes in existing planning documents. Since 2000 the residential and another construction has been realized by individual decisions of local government, and a good base for complex treatment of urban town development was not made by GUP 2015.

According to GUP 2015, five residential zones cover the largest part of central building area. According to architectural-urban values, settlements ‘Pivara’ and ‘Kablovi’ are particularly noteworthy, followed by settlements ‘Kajsijar’, ‘Strelište’, ‘Sarina međa’ and other ones.


collective habitation, residential zones, urban development, urban planning, Jagodina

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