Miodrag Nestorović, Predrag Nestorović, Jelena Milošević

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This paper is related to the fact that use of computational tools for form generation, analysis and digital fabrication (CAD/CAM/CAE) in an efficient way enables accurate representation of ideas, simulation of diverse impact and production of rational design solutions. Application of geometrical and numerical computational methods and adoption of performance based priorities enables formal exploration in constrained conditions and improvement of architectural engineering design process. Implementation of advanced technologies in 3D digital design process facilitates production of unconventional complex designs, their verification by construction of physiscal models and exparimental diagnostics, as phase preceding construction of real structure. Within this work concept that provides design of non-standard, context-specific, freeform structure using rapid prototyping technology and 3D optical measurement will be reviewed. The analyzed design solution of roof structure above atrium of National Museum in Belgrade has a function to demonstate the effectiveness of this approach.


performance based design, freeform, space structures, CAD/CAM/CAE, rapid prototyping, 3D optical measurement

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