Maja Petrović, Radomir Mijailović, Branko Malešević, Đorđe Đorđevic, Radovan Štulić

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One of the major aims when researching some problems in architectural design of buildings is to fully understand and adequately apply the underlying scientific foundations that architects use in their projects. In this paper we analyze the application possibilities of the Weber’s focal-directorial curves in the approximation of floor plan contour line of architectural structures  i.e. buildings. Thus, a Weber’s curve with m foci and n directrices was defined. Furthermore, particular qualifiers were introduced in order to estimate the level of adequacy of the conducted approximation. The importance of the research can be sought in the fact that the exact procedure has been created with its applicability in architectural-urban design of contemporary forms as well as in the domain of the historical heritage and conservation in the sense of the creating proper geometrical models for further computer aided use.


Weber’s curves, parabola, architectural structures, approximation

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