Milena Stanojlović Mirković, Miljana Milić, Dejan Mirković

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This paper deals with a top down design of an example multiplexer cell that exhibits high immunity to Side Channel Attack (SCA). Four different solutions of the encrypted multiplexer cell are revised, and the best design adopted. The post-layout simulations prove resistance of the multiplexer logic cell to the SCA. Since the physical layout structure and the functionality of this kind of design is based on symmetry, concerns were expressed as to what will be the effectiveness of the method under real production conditions. To get a proper answer to that, the adequacy of the chosen design for the multiplexer cell, which uses the "No Short-circuit Current Dynamic Differential Logic" (NSDDL) method, is confirmed by observing a Normalized Standard Deviation (NSD).


CMOS integrated circuits, encrypted cell, layout, electrical and post-layout simulation, SCA

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUACR1903141S


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