Djekidel Rabah, Mohamed Lahdeb, Sherif Salama Mohamed Ghoneim, Djillali Mahi

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The main purpose of this paper is to model and analyze the electrostatic and electromagnetic interferences between a HV overhead power line and an aerial metallic pipeline situated parallel at a close distance. The modelling of these interferences is typically done for safety reasons, to ensure that the induced voltage does not pose any risk to the operating and maintenance personnel and to the integrity of the pipeline. The adopted methodologies respectively for electrostatic and electromagnetic interferences are based on the charge and current simulation methods combined with the Teaching learning based optimization (TLBO) algorithm. The Friedman test  analysis indicate that teaching learning based optimization (TLBO) algorithm can be used for parameters optimization, it showed better results. In the case where the induced currents and voltages values exceed the limit authorized values by the international CIGRE standard, mitigation measures become necessary. The simulation results obtained were compared with those provided respectively by the admittance matrix analysis and Carson's method, good agreement was obtained.


Charge Simulation Method (CSM), Current Simulation Technique (CST), Teaching Learning Based Optimization (TLBO), Friedman Test, HV power line, Aerial Metallic Pipelines

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