Mriganka Gogoi, Pranab Kishore Dutta

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The manuscript proposes a novel architecture of a delay cell that is implemented in 4-stage VCO which has the ability to operate in two distributed frequency bands. The operating frequency is chosen based on the principle of carrier mobility and the transistor resistance. The VCO uses dual delay input techniques to improve the frequency of operation. The design is implemented in Cadence 90nm GPDK CMOS technology and simulated results show that it is capable of operating in dual frequency bands of 55 MHz to 606 MHz and 857 MHz to 1049 MHz. At normal temperature (270) power consumption of the circuit is found to be 151μW at 606 MHz and 157μW at 1049 MHz respectively and consumes an area of 171.42µm2. The design shows good tradeoff between the parameters-operating frequency, phase noise and power consumption.


Ring oscillator, Voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), Tuning Range

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