Mhia Md. Zaglul Shahadat, Avijit Mallik, Md. Monowarul Islam

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is used in many ranges of applications like home and industrial appliances, in vehicles and as a propellant and refrigerator. However, leakage of LPG produces hazardous and toxic impact on human begins and other living creatures. There by, the authors developed a system to monitor the LPG gas leakage and make alert to users of it. In this research, MQ-6 gas sensor is used for sensing the level of gas concentration of a closed volume; and to monitor the consequences of environmental changes an IoT platform has been introduced. Robust control along with cloud based manual control has been applied so that the gas leakage can be prevented in the response of either feedback or feedforward commands individually. It switches on the specified relays to control the level of gas concentration in the time of leakage the excess gas in times of leakage. It rechecks the value again and again if it crosses 300 ppm it will setup a relay-based switching on control mechanism using Thingspeak cloud. The controller used here is Node-MCU v:1.0. This research provides design approach on both software and hardware. Hence an embedded system comprising of Relay switches, Embedded C++, Gas sensor, Temperature & Humidity sensor along with Internet of Things (IoT) is fabricated to meet the objectives of the current research.


Internet of Things, Smart System, Gas Leakage Control, Embedded System

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