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Traditional flash memory devices consist of Polysilicon Control Gate (CG) – Oxide-Nitride-Oxide (ONO - Interpoly Dielectric) – Polysilicon Floating Gate (FG) – Silicon Oxide (Tunnel dielectric) – Substrate. The dielectrics have to be scaled down considerably in order to meet the escalating demand for lower write/erase voltages and higher density of cells. But as the floating gate dimensions are scaled down the charge stored in the floating gate leak out more easily via thin tunneling oxide below the floating gate which causes serious reliability issues and the whole amount of stored charge carrying information can be lost. The possible route to eliminate this problem is to use high-k based interpoly dielectric and to replace the polysilicon floating gate with a metal floating gate. At larger physical thickness, these materials have similar capacitance value hence avoiding tunneling effect.  Discrete nanocrystal memory has also been proposed to solve this problem. Due to its high operation speed, excellent scalability and higher reliability it has been shown as a promising candidate for future non-volatile memory applications. This review paper focuses on the recent efforts and research activities related to the fabrication and characterization of non-volatile memory device with metal floating gate/metal nanocrystals as the charge storage layer.


Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS), non-volatile memory (NVM), nanocrystal (NC), dielectrics, interpoly dielectric (IPD), floating gate (FG)

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