Volodymyr Grimalsky, Svetlana Koshevay, Jesus Escobedo-Alatorre, Anatoliy Kotsarenko

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This paper presents theoretical investigation of the excitation of the sequences of strong nonlinear monopulses of space charge waves from input small envelope pulses with microwave carrier frequencies due to the negative differential conductivity in n-GaN and n-InN films. The stable numerical algorithms have been used for nonlinear 3D simulations. The sequences of the monopulses of the strong electric field of 3 – 10 ps durations each can be excited. The bias electric field should be chosen slightly higher than the threshold values for observing the negative differential conductivity. The doping levels should be moderate 1016 –1017 cm-3in the films of £ 2 mm thicknesses. The input microwave carrier frequencies of the exciting pulses of small amplitudes are up to 30 GHz in n-GaN films, whereas in n-InN films they are lower, up to 20 GHz. The sequences of the electric monopulses of high peak values are excited both in the uniform nitride films and in films with non-uniform conductivity. These nonlinear monopulses in the films differ from the domains of strong electric fields in the bulk semiconductors. In the films with non-uniform doping the nonlinear pulses are excited due to the inhomogeneity of the electric field near the input end of the film and the output nonlinear pulses are rather domains. 


nitride films, negative differential conductivity, picosecond pulses, nonlinearity

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