Ahmad Adel Alsakati, Chockalingam Aravind Vaithilingam, Kameswara Satya Prakash, Reynato Andal Gamboa, Arthanari Jagadeeshwaran, Jamal Alnasseir

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Due to increased load demand, the power system developers are encouraged to meet power quality requirements. Using harmonic filter and capacitor bank is one of the essential solutions in mitigating power quality issues. This research aims to mitigate harmonics and improve the voltage in distribution systems by using ETAP. For this purpose, a distribution system in Homs city is considered, which is a part of Syrian power system. The capacitor banks are designed using numerical analysis and Optimal Capacitor Placement (OCP). The results indicate that this approach enhances the voltage profile, which is reflected in some buses. The voltage profile is effectively improved on several buses, and power losses are significantly reduced. The Total Harmonic Distortions (THDs) and Individual Harmonic Distortions (IHDs) of the subjected buses are reduced. Moreover, the power factor is improved from 0.877 to 0.926 for the studied system.


Distribution System, Harmonic Distortion, Power Factor, Power Quality, Voltage Profile

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