Lidija Beko, Marija Đorđević

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This paper deals with the use of the geology-based metaphor in common and field -specific English, while including the concept of the “inverse metaphor” [1] which has proven highly important for specific vocabulary learning and initial understanding. The geology-based metaphor proves to have great potential for practical application in L2 vocabulary teaching, especially when it comes to explaining new field-specific terms. The paper is divided into several sections, the first one being a general introduction to the fields of metaphor and its relation to the language of science, as well as its usage in L2 vocabulary teaching. The second part deals with the typology of the geology-based metaphor and the specificities of the metaphor itself, whereas the third part focuses on a phenomenon noticed in our teaching practice at the Faculty of Mining and Geology which has been termed “inverse metaphor” in the study of the theory of metaphor. The last section explains our views on the importance of using the geology-based metaphor known from everyday English in the language classroom, alongside final conclusions, and remarks. This paper will hopefully provide more insight into the full capacity of the applicability of the geology-based metaphor.

[1] The phenomenon in question has been termed differently by different authors, but we have opted for the term “inverse metaphor” from the paper “On Metaphoric Inversion” (1993) by Paul D. Deane, since it best describes what we have seen in our practice.


metaphor, inverse metaphor, geology, L2 vocabulary

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