Vladan Pavlović, Marta Veličković

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The paper presents an overview of some of the most important research conducted by two members of the Department of English in Niš in the field of cognitive linguistics. It focuses on the variety of theoretical approaches and theoretical concepts relied on in the research, the various qualitative and quantitative methods used (including state-of-the-art strict statistical procedures), and possible applications of the results of such research in the areas of ELT and the study of language-culture interrelation. It also points to how some of those results have been applied in practical and theoretical linguistic courses at the English department in Niš. The paper is complementary to that of Figar et al. (this volume) in terms of focus on the research done in cognitive linguistics at the department.


ELT, cognitive grammar, applied cognitive linguistics, quantitative corpus linguistics, language-culture interrelation

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