Design and Comparison of Two Web Service Based Frameworks for Parallel Evaluation of the Population in Genetic Algorithms

Milos Ivanovic, Ana Kaplarevic-Malisic, Visnja Simic, Boban Stojanovic

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Genetic algorithms are powerful techniques for optimization of complexsystems. These methods require a large number of evaluations of candidate solutionswhich take huge CPU time. This paper introduces two web service based frameworksfor parallel evaluation of the population in genetic algorithm using the master-slavemodel. Developed frameworks can be easily incorporated into any genetic algorithm,giving a universal mechanism for distribution of individuals and collection of the eval-uation results. This concept provides parallelization of genetic algorithms on variousdistributed architectures, including multiprocessors and computing clusters. Performedtests have shown that proposed frameworks achieve signicant speedup, especially whenevaluating large-scale problems. In addition, a case study from the eld of hydrologyis presented.

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