Some Symmetric Properties of Kenmotsu Manifolds Admitting Semi-Symmetric Metric Connection

Venkatesha Venkatesh, Arasaiah Arasaiah, Vishnuvardhana Srivaishnava Vasudeva, Naveen Kumar Rahuthanahalli Thimmegowda

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The object of the present paper is to study some symmetric properties
of Kenmotsu manifold endowed with a semi-symmetric metric connection. Here we
consider pseudo-symmetric, Ricci pseudo-symmetric, projective pseudo-symmetric and -projective semi-symmetric Kenmotsu manifold with respect to semi-symmetric metric connection. Finally, we provide an example of 3-dimensional Kenmotsu manifold admitting a semi-symmetric metric connection which verify our results.


Kenmotsu manifold; projective curvature tensor; semi-symmetric metric connection; η-Einstein manifold


Kenmotsu Manifolds; Semi-Symmetric Metric Connection; Symmetric Properties

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