Firat Ozsarac, Ibrahim Canak

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Let $q$ be a positive weight function on $\mathbf{R}_{+}:=[0, \infty)$ which is integrable in Lebesgue's sense over every finite interval $(0,x)$ for $0<x<\infty$, in symbol: $q \in L^{1}_{loc} (\mathbf{R}_{+})$ such that $Q(x):=\int_{0}^{x} q(t) dt\neq 0$ for each $x>0$, $Q(0)=0$ and $Q(x) \rightarrow \infty $ as $x \to \infty $.Given a real or complex-valued function $f \in L^{1}_{loc} (\mathbf{R}_{+})$, we define $s(x):=\int_{0}^{x}f(t)dt$ and$$\tau^{(0)}_q(x):=s(x), \tau^{(m)}_q(x):=\frac{1}{Q(x)}\int_0^x \tau^{(m-1)}_q(t) q(t)dt\,\,\, (x>0, m=1,2,...),$$provided that $Q(x)>0$. We say that $\int_{0}^{\infty}f(x)dx$ is summable to $L$ by the $m$-th iteration of weighted mean method determined by the function $q(x)$, or for short, $(\overline{N},q,m)$ integrable to a finite number $L$ if$$\lim_{x\to \infty}\tau^{(m)}_q(x)=L.$$In this case, we write $s(x)\rightarrow L(\overline{N},q,m)$. It is known thatif the limit $\lim _{x \to \infty} s(x)=L$ exists, then $\lim _{x \to \infty} \tau^{(m)}_q(x)=L$ also exists. However, the converse of this implicationis not always true. Some suitable conditions together with the existence of the limit $\lim _{x \to \infty} \tau^{(m)}_q(x)$, which is so called Tauberian conditions, may imply convergence of $\lim _{x \to \infty} s(x)$. In this paper, one- and two-sided Tauberian conditions in terms of the generating function and its generalizations for $(\overline{N},q,m)$ summable integrals of real- or complex-valued functions have been obtained. Some classical type Tauberian theorems given for Ces\`{a}ro summability $(C,1)$ and weighted mean method of summability $(\overline{N},q)$ have been extended and generalized.  


Tauberian conditions; weight function; summable integrals; finite interval.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUMI2003775O


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