Ji-Huan He, Qian Yang, Chun-Hui He, Abdulrahman Ali Alsolami

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A nonlinear vibration system, over a span of convincing periodic motion, might break out abruptly a catastrophic instability, but the lack of a theoretical tool has obscured the prediction of the outbreak. This paper deploys the amplitude-frequency formulation for nonlinear oscillators to reveal the critically important mechanism of the pseudo-periodic motion, and finds the quadratic nonlinear force contributes to the pull-down phenomenon in each cycle of the periodic motion, when the force reaches a threshold value, the pull-down instability occurs. A criterion for prediction of the pull-down instability is proposed and verified numerically.


Micro-electromechanical system, Eardrum oscillator, Pull-in instability, Asymmetrical oscillation, Vibration attenuation, Energy harvesting

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUME230114007H


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