Meisam Moory Shirbani, Sayed Ehsan Alavi

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This study thoroughly investigates the multi-objective optimization of a magneto-electro-elastic (MEE) harvester in bimorph configurations and by the new method of Harris Hawk’s optimization (HHO). The harvesters are configured in both series and parallel connections and under harmonic excitation to explore the effects of various parameters on the performance of the harvesting system. The primary objective is to maximize the total harvested power. Optimization involves various parameters, including dimensions, relative displacement changes, voltage, and current values. The Pareto fronts from the HHO method reveal optimal points in different configurations and scenarios. Notably, the optimal points are selected based on the criterion of maximum total power. The results reveal distinct optimal points for each objective function, demonstrating trade-offs between performance metrics. These findings provide valuable insights into the design and operation of efficient energy harvesters in MEE systems. The parallel configuration outperforms the series connection in terms of the current generation. Moreover, the evaluation of the overall performance of the energy harvesters in terms of total harvested power indicated that both series and parallel connections could lead to promising outcomes. However, the series connection exhibited a more dominant effect on maximizing the total harvested power, proving its relevance in pursuing the highest possible power output.


Multi-objective optimization, MEE harvester, Harris Hawk’s optimization (HHO), Series and parallel connections

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