Vojkan Kostić, Nebojša Mitrović, Bojan Banković, Milutin Petronijević

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The main consideration of any reeling system is the effect it has on cable tensions and hence cable life. This paper explains the relationship of reel torque to cable tensions and the reasons why this relationship is so important. Such system is characterized by variable parameters, primarily a variable moment of inertia and a variable diameter of the coiled cable. For these reasons, in order to ensure proper dimensioning of the drive, it is necessary to know the motor torques that need to be developed as a function of the coiled cable. The motor should be able to develop the required torques in a very wide speed range. It is shown that for properly sizing the motor it is necessary take into account the dynamics of the cable reel drive. In this paper monospiral motorized cable reel for winding power cable in crane applications with frequency converter fed induction motor is analyzed. Also, the equipment selection procedure for the real crane with concrete data is shown. Experimental results are recorded during the crane commissioning in real condition.


Induction Motor Drive, Cable Reel, Frequency Converter, Tension Control

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