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Smart equipment can support feedback in motor learning process. Smart equipment with integrated sensors can be used as a standalone system or complemented with body-attached wearable sensors. Our work focuses on real-time biofeedback system design, particularly on the application of a specific sensor selection. The main goal of our research is to prepare the technical conditions to prove efficiency and benefits of the real-time biofeedback when used in selected motion-learning processes. The most used wireless technologies that are used or are expected to be used in real-time biofeedback systems are listed. The tests performed on two prototypes, smart golf club and smart ski, show an appropriate sensor selection and feasibility of implementation of the real-time biofeedback concept in golf and skiing practice. We are confident that the concept can be expanded for use in other sports and rehabilitation. It has been learned that at this time none of the existing wireless technologies can satisfy all possible demands of different real-time biofeedback applications in sport.


Smart Equipment, Motor Learning, Sport, Biofeedback Systems, Sensors, Actuators, Wireless Networks

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