Miroslav Mijajlović, Sonja Vidojković, Dušan Ćirić, Dragan Marinković

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This paper deals with modeling, discretization, and numerical analysis of the two-way fluid-structure interaction between a fishing wobbler and a water stream. The structural domain is an assembly of several bodies that have multiple mutual structure-to-structure interactions. These interactions are mostly nonlinear contacts that significantly influence the time step used in simulations. As a result of these nonlinearities, the numerical solving of such a model requires significant computer resources and a long computational time. The paper also presents the creation and numerical simplifications of the model. However, the model remains very realistic. It is concluded that solving the structural domain in a model that retains the interaction between solid bodies is more computationally sensitive and more demanding than solving the fluid domain.


Two Way Fluid-Structure Interaction, Fishing Wobbler, Structure Modelling, Contact Modelling, Fluid Modelling

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