Nasim Fallahi, Andrea Viglietti, Erasmo Carrera, Alfonso Pagani, Enrico Zappino

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In this work, the effect of the fiber orientation on the mechanical response of variable angle tow (VAT) panels is investigated. A computationally efficient high-order one-dimensional model, derived under the framework of the Carrera unified formulation (CUF), is used. In detail, a layerwise approach is adopted to predict the complex phenomena that may appear in VAT panels. Static, free-vibration and buckling analyses are performed, considering several material properties, geometries, and boundary conditions, and the results are assessed with those obtained using existing approaches. Considering the findings of the comparative analysis, several best design practices are suggested to improve the mechanical performances of VAT panels.


Variable Angle Tow, Carrera Unified Formulation, Buckling, Free vibration, Static Analysis

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUME200615026F


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