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In the present work, surface/interface energy effects for pull-in instability analysis on dimensionless natural frequency (DNF) and nonlinear dynamics response (NDR) of piezoelectric nanosensor (PENS) subjected to nonlinear electrostatic excitation and harmonic force are studied using Gurtin–Murdoch (GM) surface/interface energy approach. To achieve this purpose, the Hamilton’s approach, assumed mode and Lagrange–Euler’s theories and also arc-length continuation and complex averaging methods are used to investigate influences of surface/interface parameters of PENS such as Lame’s constants, residual stress, piezoelectric constants and mass density for analysis of pull-in instability voltage.


Pull-in instability, Nonlinear dynamic response, Piezoelectric nanosensor, Surface/interface effects, Arc-length continuation, Nonlinear electrostatic excitation

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