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Suzana N. Stamenković, Vidosav Lj. Marković, Aleksandar P. Jovanović, Marjan N. Stankov

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Measurements of the formative time delay t_f  at different working voltages U in argon at low pressure are presented. The well-known decreasing voltage behavior of the formative time delay is theoretical described by different empirical and semiempirical models. In addition to introduced empirical models, some models from the literature are applied to elucidate experimentally obtained t_f(U) dependence. However, the models from the literature show a good agreement with the experimental data only at low overvoltages \DeltaU (\DeltaU=U-U_s where U_s is the static breakdown voltage).  Therefore, empirical corrections are made based on data analysis, and good compatibility is achieved in a whole range of working voltages.



  • Presentation of the formative time delay measurements at different working voltages in argon at low pressure
  • Application of empirical and semi-empirical models for description of t_f(U) dependence
  • Application of the t_f(U) models from the literature with and without empirical corrections


argon discharge, electrical breakdown, formative time delay, empirical models, semi-empirical models

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