Sanja Krsmanović Veličković, Predrag Veličković, Višeslav Krsmanović

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Modern sports facilities in the world today do not only meet the needs of sports, rooms for trainers and competition features for athletes and sports industry, but also a lot of other functions in the field of shopping, entertainment, hospitality, educational and even political services. These modern sports complexes resemble increasingly modern supermarkets, in appearance, multi- functionality, organization, marketing, consumer orientation of the population. They present more complex open and closed areas and facilities, functionally related to the rationalization and cost- effective not only to the interests of users (audience, performers), but also to the interests of the owners (shareholders, government, individuals or organizations). Objects themselves are building systems and architectural standards, local traditions and market needs of the population, as well as legal regulations, limited improvisations and deficiencies in construction and the usage of their space. Kombank arena is also a product of the achieved level of science, society, standards and requirements of its customers. City of Belgrade, as the founder, directed the building area of 48,000 sqm, with six floors, maximum height of 36 meters, the range of 132x102 meters and cost about 70 million euros to sports and cultural events (sports competition events and concerts in all musical genres, several cultural events and political rallies), while ignoring trade and catering facilities. Based on the foregoing, it can be determined that the program in Belgrade is similar to many programs like Madison Square Garden and the United Center, which will be used to compare in this work


Multifunkcional sports objects, Kombank arena

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